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Selected Blog Posts

“Defying Gravity: Seeking Political Balance in ICC Prosecutions.” Justice in Conflict. April 22, 2013.

Will the African Union and ICC Mend Fences? New leadership, less bad blood.” Justice in Conflict. July 17, 2012

“Failed States and International Judicial Intervention.” Justice in Conflict. June 20,

“KONY 2012: Bandwagon Empowerment.” The Duck of Minerva. March 10, 2012.

“Crimes In and Of Famine.” The Duck of Minerva. August 16, 2011.

“Mind the Impunity Gaps.” The Duck of Minerva. July 14, 2011.

“Visualizing the ‘Misery’ of Failed States.” The Duck of Minerva. June 21, 2011.


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